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LED Solar road stud lights on mountain road

Since LED solar road stud lights do not need to be connected to the mains through wiring to perform luminous work, they can be activated only when there is sunlight, so they can be used not only on urban roads but also on mountain roads with poor conditions and changing environments. In use, it uses solar panels to supplement power during the day and warns vehicles through reflection and light at night.


Mountainous roads have become the hardest-hit areas for road traffic safety due to their complex linear conditions and diverse driving environments. The road environment is special, there are many curved road sections, in addition to the lush trees, the road line of sight is not good, and the curved road sections in mountainous areas are also one of the factors that lead to frequent traffic accidents. Therefore, it is very necessary to install road stud light. It has Strong environmental adaptability and can resist the complex climate conditions in mountainous areas, at the same time, the waterproof and dustproof grade is IP68, and the embedded installation method can resist the invasion of hurricanes.
As we all know, the biggest trouble driving at night is visual obstruction. The traffic flow on roads at night is small, let alone on mountainous roads, so it is easier for drivers to drive at high speed, which causes many traffic accidents. When the driver passes through a curve, slope road, narrow road, or difficult-to-see road conditions, the reflected light of the solar road studs can increase the driver's reaction time and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.
The new LED road studs also take into account the impact on the environment. It can work normally at a low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, and it can also be used normally at a high temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in various countries around the world, under various climatic conditions, solar road studs can play a role, improve road warning safety warnings, and more effectively reducing casualties caused by traffic safety accidents.
NOKINis a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of solar road stud lights. The products are exported overseas. Our solar road stud lights use a lot of composite materials, so as long as there is sunlight, they can be activated. Even in deserts and islands, it can be installed and used normally. We have strict quality inspection procedures to ensure that every piece of solar road stud lights delivered to you is flawless.