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Embedded Solar road stud lights are very popular in the Philippines

Embedded road stud lights is a common traffic roadblock method that has become popular in recent years. It is used to guide people to drive in the correct direction and prevent speeding and traffic accidents. Under environmental conditions, it can clearly outline the outline of the road, instruct pedestrians to pass, and ensure safety.


In the Compostela Valley area of the Philippines, there is a large flow of people, rainy weather, and poor visibility at night. In the past, when road stud light were not installed, there were great traffic safety hazards. After installing solar road studs, the visibility of passing vehicles at night is greatly improved, and it can also alert passers-by to pay attention to safety. Since the product is powered by solar energy, it will automatically charge during the day and automatically emit light at night, without daily maintenance. IP68 waterproof level, wind, and rain will not affect the use. The four sides are bright and bright, and the viewing distance is as high as 800 meters. The embedded installation design can avoid being damaged by snowplows. The local government is very satisfied with this.
Embedded solar road stud lights that emit light from all sides are installed on most urban roads and highway sections in the Philippines. Speed bumps are used to be fixed on the road to mark centerlines, lane dividing lines, edge lines, curves, entry and exit ramps, diversion marks, road narrowing, road obstacles, and other road sections, and play a marking role. Parking lot roads or underground garage roads can be set alone or in conjunction with markers. They have high load-bearing, high brightness, IP68 waterproof rating, and long service life. In addition, the exquisite and compact design makes this embedded solar road stud more popular among similar products.
As a kind of traffic safety product, embedded solar road studs uses sunlight to obtain energy and uses LED as a light source. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and convenient installation. With the increasing number of cars, the requirements for humanized signs and warnings in road design are also increasing. For the use of mains power supply to warn that the cost is too high, solar road studs and solar signs will be the most important origin. In other developed countries abroad, the habit of looking at the markings during the day and the "road studs" at night has long been formed.
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