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LED Solar road stud lights make zebra crossing safer

In China, it is legally required for pedestrians to cross the road to walk on the sidewalk, which is used to ensure the safety of pedestrians' lives and properties. In the construction of urban roads, the zebra crossing is a life safety line to ensure that pedestrians pass through the traffic road safely. Therefore, as people pay more and more attention to road traffic safety, different traffic safety products emerge in endlessly. Today we are going to talk about LED solar road stud lights playing an important role in zebra crossing.


The zebra crossing is composed of white lines. On the road with continuous flow, according to the instructions of traffic lights, it guides pedestrians to cross the road safely. In recent years, solar road stud lights have been installed on the zebra crossings of many urban roads to synchronize the indication effect of traffic lights. When the red light is on, the road stud lights will also synchronize the red light to warn pedestrians. pass. Similarly, when the green light of the traffic signal light is on, the road stud light will emit green light synchronously, telling people that they can pass normally.
I believe that when you pass the crosswalk, you must have encountered a situation that the traffic lights have problems and do not light up. In many cases, people from the traffic safety department need to carry out inspections and maintenance before the lights can work normally. However, when the pedestrian crossing installed with solar road stud lights fails to work normally when the traffic lights fail, the solar road studs installed on the ground can still work normally.
LED road studs generally have two working modes, constant light mode, and flashing mode. The solar road stud lights installed on the zebra crossing generally work in a flashing mode, set according to the flashing mode of the traffic signal light, follow the flashing mode of the traffic signal light: stop at the red light, go at the green light, wait for the yellow light to wait, Perform flash settings to realize the function of synchronizing traffic signals.
According to the test results of installing solar road stud lights on zebra crossings in multiple cities, the probability of pedestrian traffic accidents in the zebra crossing area has been greatly reduced, and the safety of pedestrians' lives and the property has been guaranteed. If you are also very interested in solar road stud lights, you can log on to our website https://www.nk-roadstud.com/ to check your product needs, or you can send an email to Victor Qin: info@nk-roadstud.com Learn more, we look forward to cooperating with you.