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Application Background of In-Roadway Warning Lights System

With the development of social economy and the migration of population to cities, the current large number of vehicles in major cities is huge, the roads are congested, the contradiction between motor vehicles and pedestrians is prominent, and the difficulty of driving and crossing has become a major traffic problem. In order to ensure smooth traffic, the use of traffic light signal control at road intersections plays a key role. However, due to some pedestrians' low traffic safety awareness, inattention, various visual obstacles, etc., pedestrian signals are ignored and they do not follow the pedestrian signals to indicate safe crossing.


Forcing motor vehicles to passively "come" and fail to drive normally according to traffic signals, which seriously affects traffic order and traffic efficiency at intersections. With the popularity of smart phones, many social mobile phone applications and mobile games have become increasingly popular, and more and more people like to play mobile phones at any time and any place, and there are more and more mobile phone "head-down people". There are more frequent traffic accidents between pedestrians and vehicles on zebra crossings.

Ordinary intersections relying solely on vertical traffic lights to indicate the following defects:

1. The conditions of urban road intersections are diverse and complex, and the intersections are large and long distances, and the growth of green plants has an adverse effect on pedestrian observation signal lights;

2. Visually impaired pedestrians cannot distinguish between red and green signals correctly; An increasing number of people with lowered heads, walking and playing with mobile phones, lack of concentration and fail to raise their heads to obtain the traffic light signal on the opposite side;

3. Low visibility of traffic light signals in severe rain, haze, ice and snow;

4. Insufficient lighting at night, it is difficult for motor vehicle drivers to clearly observe the sidewalk;

5. Buried traffic lights can also provide a warning for motor vehicle drivers at night to slow down the car in advance.

6. Pedestrians who accidentally break the red light cannot be reminded immediately.

"Smart Zebra Crossing" is one of the In-Roadway Warning Lights System. This In-Roadway Warning Lights System has functions such as geomagnetic induction, video detection, flashing In-Roadway Warning Lights, scrolling screen display, voice prompts, etc., to remind passing vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to the "dual insurance" of traffic safety. The effect: When a vehicle passes by at the front (50 meters), the geomagnetic induction transmits the signal to the control system, and the voice broadcast system will remind pedestrians to avoid; when pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles are crossing the road, the video detection will pass the signal The control system sends the flashing In-Roadway Warning Lights to form a "colorful" warning light strip to remind the vehicle to take the initiative to give pedestrians.

In-Road Warning Light Systems