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Solar Cat Eyes Road Stud In Philippines

Project location: Philippines
Product model: NK-RS-A10
Installation time: 2019

On October 1st, 2019, Nokin Traffic participated in the traffic safety exhibition in the Philippines. At the exhibition, we met new and old customers from the Philippines. The harvest was full, and Mr.M was one of them. Solar road stud are often used in his own projects. After seeing our products, he was deeply attracted by our products. "Nokin's solar cat eyes are high-quality products in terms of appearance. At first glance, the material is very textured, unlike some of the inferior products available on the market,” Mr. M said.
solar cat eyes
Mr. M booked 100 samples solar road stud on the spot as a trial list. At the time of October, we received feedback from Mr. M after installation. The customer was very satisfied with the results after installation. Mr. M said that he will continue to cooperate in the future and will give Nokin a large number of orders.

The solar cat eyes are installed on the center line of the road. Nokin's solar road studs are fully qualified for this requirement. There is no problem in installing the center line of the road. The load of this solar road stud can exceed 40 tons. High-quality aluminum casing and bullet-proof PC material make it have good compression resistance, 6 high-brightness beads, ip68 waterproof grade, and 5 colors to choose from.
road stud in Philippines
The types of road stud in Philippines is limited by goverment, there only two types of solar cat eyes are allowed to use in Philippines, These two solar cat eyes can be found in Nokin, they are model NK-RS-X6 solar cat eyes and NK-RS-A10. As a supplier of high quality solar road stud, Nokin has 18 years of production and sales experience. All of our products have passed ROHS certification. Nokin can also provide OEM/ODM services. If you have requirements for products, If you want to occupy the market, please contact us as soon as possible!