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Installing An Intelligent Pedestrian Crosswalk System For Children

Is it safe for the children to leave school?

According to statistics, in 2018, there were more than 20,000 traffic accidents involving school-age children in my country, resulting in the death of more than 2,200 children and causing irreparable injuries to every family.


“Many traffic accidents occur because the existing zebra crossing warnings around the campus are not effective.” Shi Weidong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the president of Nantong University, told reporters that in inclement weather, motor vehicle drivers can't see clearly and it's difficult to check the passage of students in the zebra crossing area in time. Safety hazards, coupled with the students' weak traffic safety awareness, often look down at their mobile phones, when crossing zebra crossings are often disorderly, random or even illegal, making it difficult for drivers to locate safe driving areas and causing traffic accidents.

"A luminous Intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system can avoid many accidents caused by the insignificant warning effect of existing facilities." Shi Weidong said that this move can not only warn motor vehicle drivers more conspicuously to avoid, but also help restrain and regulate students' passing road behavior.

This light-emitting smart zebra crossing includes infrared detectors, pressure sensors, zebra crossings, and road stud lights. It is characterized in that: an infrared detector for sensing passing pedestrians is arranged under the light pole of the indicator light, and strips are nested in the zebra crossing. There are several rows of road stud lights on the ground on both sides of the zebra crossing.


When the pedestrian crossing signal lights are red, the road stud lights at the stop line position on the Intelligent pedestrian crosswalk system will show red light, and the road stud lights at both ends of the zebra crossing will continue to flash white light to remind pedestrians that no traffic is allowed and motor vehicles are allowed to pass. When the pedestrian traffic light lights up in green , The road stud lights at the stop line will show green light, and the luminous floor tiles at both ends of the zebra crossing will flash white light in turn to remind pedestrians that they can pass and motor vehicles are prohibited.

This kind of smart zebra crossing has been widely used in Guangdong Province, China, and it has played a very good role.