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6 LED Solar Road Stud Lights For Sale From NOKIN

Solar LED road studs are mounted on the road surface and are an electronic improvement to conventional road studs because they provide the driver with a reaction time of more than 30 seconds, compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflectors. The strong brightness of the LEDs makes solar road stud easy to see at a distance of about 800 m under good conditions.

NOKIN Traffic is a professional supplier of led solar road studs specializing in the development, design, manufacture, and export of a wide range of road safety, parking, site, and construction facilities.


Solar road studs for sale at NOKIN are self-designed with superior quality for customers to choose from, and our research and development department has a strong injection and blow molding process capability that enables LED solar road studs of all sizes, shapes, and colors to meet the needs of customers around the world with excellent strength and low manufacturing costs for short leads.
NOKIN solar road studs with high-brightness LED as a light source, safety specifications, energy-saving, visibility, easy to install, long service life, stable and reliable work, solar road stud for sale will not corrode cables, do not consume conventional energy, NOKIN solar road studs are widely used in highway safety traffic alerts, and can effectively prevent traffic accidents.