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In-Road Warning Light Systems To Save The Phone Addicted On Road

There are more and more "Phone Addicted" on the road, and traffic accidents occur from time to time due to mobile phone use. Nowadays, the road has become smarter! Not long ago, in Linzhou, Anyang City's first high-tech smart sidewalk came out. It is currently being tested on a certain road section in London.

The traditional white-painted zebra crossing is out of date. This In-Road Warning Light Systems was created by the cooperation of insurance companies, university colleges and urban design experts. It is equivalent to laying more than 100 in-road warning light on the road. The in-road warning light is also known as led road stud, it is waterproof and can sense pressure, and can identify whether there are pedestrians or vehicles passing by. Traffic lights The functions of the zebra crossing are summarized on this panel.


The In-Road Warning Light Systems follows the principle of "people first". You can't see this smart sidewalk when no one crosses the road. Once a pedestrian approaches the intersection, the led road studs will light up. Pedestrians who want to cross the road only need to stand on the side of the road. At this time, the motorized lanes on both sides are all restricted, which is equivalent to a red light. The driving car will stop and pedestrians can pass safely, and no longer need to stare at the traffic lights to cross the road as in the past.

When people pass by, the smart zebra crossing will disappear to reduce the disturbance to the driver's vision. Moreover, the width of the zebra crossing will change according to the flow of people. When there are few people, the zebra crossing is narrow, and when there are many people, the zebra crossing becomes very wide. In terms of vehicle management, cars and bicycles are managed separately. Sometimes when the car is restricted, the blue light that controls the bicycle is on, and the bicycle can still pass.


In addition, it can also save "Phone Addicted", which can remind blind spots to avoid traffic accidents. Relying on artificial intelligence,  In-Road Warning Light Systems can automatically identify pedestrians, bicycles and cars, and calculate their position and speed in advance. Judge the route of movement and use flashing lights to warn vehicles that there are pedestrians crossing the zebra crossing.

The In-Road Warning Light Systems can also warn of danger in advance. For example, a child is chasing football on the road. At this time, the red warning light will light up to remind children to leave the road, and at the same time to warn oncoming vehicles to stop; it can also remind those who are addicted to watching mobile phones or listening to music, so that they can pay more attention to the surrounding situation. If the In-Road Warning Light Systems can be applied to major streets in the city, it will save many pedestrian lives.