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NOKIN Solar Road Studs Are In Mass Production

In September 2021, solar road stud manufacturer NOKIN launched a promotional event, and all road studs have discounted prices. After a busy September, in order not to delay the delivery of customers, NOKIN factory only took two days off and put into production during the National Day holiday. Thanks to the support of new and old customers, NOKIN is constantly growing. Its main products Solar road studs have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world.

Solar Road Studs is a Road Safety Device that Guides Driver on night especially on sharp curve's and mountain side's and proven to reduce road accidents by 70%. Installing road studs has become the preferred solution for improving road safety in various countries, and solar road studs stand out among many road safety products.

The solar road studs maintains enough power to adapt to the full working cycle. These solar road studs are charged by sunlight, low-level light, and other light sources (such as vehicle headlights). NOKIN's solar road studs include a one-year warranty and a service life of up to five years. Solar road stud is the latest road marking technology. For specific applications, NOKIN luminous solar rechargeable road markings are used for specific purposes. For example, The solar road stud can be displayed in different directions according to the different colors of the lamp beads and the installation method. When the direction is correct, you will see a green tick, and when the direction is wrong, you will see a red error number.


Solar road studs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are available in amber, red, white, blue and green. The light pattern can be flashing or constant. Solar road studs provide clear and visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions! Fog and heavy rain-wet roads will reflect the lights of the city and vehicles, making the current lane line almost invisible! However, these problems can be solved by installing solar road studs. Solar road studs can actively emit light and clearly outline the lane or the edge of the road.


Solar road studs are NOKIN's core products. As people pay more and more attention to road installation, the use of road studs is not limited to simply being installed on the road. At present, NOKIN has developed a combination of road studs and traffic lights synchronization system, the smart zebra crossing used in combination with road studs and sign boards, etc. NOKIN has integrated production equipment and produces a large number of solar road studs all year round. The delivery time is short. You are welcome to visit.