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About solar road studs and reflective road studs

There are more and more vehicles on the road, and road safety issues are urgent. We often learn from some news reports that traffic accidents of varying degrees occur every day. Reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents requires the awareness of each of us and the help of some traffic safety products. Cat eye road studs are a very effective warning sign product. It can be divided into two categories, one is solar road stud lights, and the other is reflective road studs.


Reflective road studs, also called cat's eyes, can be installed on the road to guide the road by reflecting vehicle lights, reminding the direction of the road ahead of the vehicle, and giving drivers and passengers more time to react. The advantage of passive luminescence of reflective road studs is in the driving environment at night very popular. Reflective road studs can be divided into single-sided reflective road studs and double-sided reflective road studs according to the number of reflective surfaces. lines and borderlines. On rainy days, foggy days, insufficiently illuminated, low-light roads or tunnels, the guiding effect is obvious. In addition, the reflective road studs are slightly protruding from the road surface, and there will be a sense of vibration when the vehicle crosses the line, which can play a double warning role. However, there are also some unavoidable shortcomings due to the production of materials:
1. Reflective road studs are easily damaged on heavy-duty road sections, and are easily crushed by large trucks;

2. Reflective road studs are easy to corrode, especially solar road studs and other road studs with active flash functions. Because they contain electronic components, they are easily damaged by corrosive sewage on the road and lose their reflective ability, especially when the road is icy in winter When it is necessary to spread deicing agent;

3. Reflective road studs are easy to damage the pavement structure layer because the installation of road studs requires fixing screws to be driven into the asphalt pavement surface layer, which will easily cause water to penetrate into the surface layer along the nail holes, affecting the stability of the structural layer; of course, there are also direct adhesions now. Reflective road studs on the road also solve this problem to a certain extent

4. The maintenance cost of reflective road studs is high, and damaged road studs should be replaced in time, otherwise they will not be able to guide and warn but will become obstacles to driving, and because the installation of road studs cannot be mechanized, the cost of manpower input is relatively high.
Solar road stud is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly road stud, also known as solar pavement marking, which is a warning device installed on the road to improve visibility and safety. Compared with traditional road studs, some styles are also equipped with reflective sheets, which can reflect light even when the lamp beads are not bright. And they have several advantages, including:
1. Energy saving: Powered by solar energy, solar road studs are an energy-saving and cost-effective road lighting solution. They don't require any external power source, the solar panel can charge the built-in battery during the day and power the LED lights at night.

2. Easy to install: Solar road studs are easy to install without external wiring, and are a flexible and versatile solution for different road types and conditions. They can be installed quickly and easily with minimal disruption to traffic flow.

3. Improved Visibility: Solar road studs use high-intensity LED lights to provide a high level of visibility even in adverse weather conditions. They are especially useful in areas without traditional street lighting or in rural areas with low traffic.

4. Durable: Solar road studs are designed to be weather-resistant and durable, and their sturdy construction can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. They're made of high-strength materials and have a water-resistant design, making them perfect for use in all kinds of road conditions.

5. Low Maintenance: Solar road stud lights require little maintenance as they have no external wires or moving parts that could break or wear out. They are designed to be self-sustaining and can operate for years without any major maintenance.

Overall, solar road studs provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for road safety, helping to improve road safety, reduce accidents and improve visibility. They are especially useful in areas where traditional street lighting is not available or practical, such as country roads or remote areas.