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Effect of Solar Road Stud Lights of Intelligent Zebra Crossing

Recently, the intelligent zebra crossing and solar road stud lights at the intersection of Tianhe North Road and Tiyu East Road were officially opened. In addition to the ground traffic lights, the first solar road studs used in Guangzhou also appeared.


According to reports, the implementation of the intelligent zebra crossing project, which includes solar traffic signs and buried pedestrian crossing solar road studs, is organized and implemented by Guangzhou Transportation Bureau, which is one of the practical measures for the people's livelihood to control traffic congestion points in Guangzhou.


There are flashing solar road stud lights on the ground of the crosswalk, which is very eye-catching, which can remind the "bow headed people" to pay attention to safety when crossing the road. Night falls, Tianhe North Road - Tiyu East Road intersection of the three crosswalks by the solar road stud combination of ground traffic lights. People who are waiting to cross the road say that these flashing solar road stud lights can serve as a warning.

When the traffic lights of the crosswalk are on, the buried solar road studs at both ends of the crosswalk will also light up the same color. On both sides of the crosswalk, there are solar road studs. When the sky is dark to a certain extent, the road stud lights will light up and flash yellow light.

Flashing solar road studs are not only useful for "bow heads". Sometimes pedestrians walk with their heads down and don't pay attention to them. When crossing the road, they walk naturally and don't pay attention to the signal lights. When there are solar road studs on the ground, it is very clear whether it is a red light or a green light. The setting of solar road stud lights on both sides of the crosswalk can also give drivers warning.