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Enviroment-friendly Solar Road Stud Markers


Today, we are going to talk about the design concept of solar road stud in the improvement of ordinary road stud marker, increased the setting of LED lights, compared with ordinary solar road studs, it can actively light up the characteristics, can better point out the direction in the dark, the traditional ordinary road stud marker generally adopts the reflective mode, the reflection brightness generally does not exceed 500cmd.

solar road stud markers

Because most of the domestic reflective abrasives can not meet the international requirements, According to the international standard, most of the actual reflection brightness can not reach this value, while the solar road stud can achieve the effective lighting value of 2000 + CMD with the help of LED lights, which is four to five times of the former.

solar road stud

Solar road stud markers is more out of consideration for the environment, using solar panels to provide stable power self-sufficiency, not relying on urban cables, suitable for promotion in rural and other remote areas, common solar road stud lamps generally use monocrystalline silicon solar panels, photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 14%, which is much higher than that of some poor quality solar road studs in the market silicon solar panel.

solar road stud marker

There are many kinds of road stud markers, such as solar road stud, reflective road stud, plastic road stud, etc. according to the different functional materials, the names are different. With the development of science and technology and the progress of civilization, the solar road stud marker has been gradually popularized from the beginning of imported products, and gradually approached the public's vision.