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Economic Benefits of Solar Road Studs Lights

The solar road stud power generation system is composed of a solar cell group, a solar controller, and a battery (group). If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. The structure of the solar road stud light is as follows: solar panel, solar controller, battery, inverter.

Solar road stud lights are the latest alternative to street lights. Solar road studs are very popular in domestic and foreign markets. What are the advantages and economic benefits of solar road studs?

Solar Road Studs Lights

1. The design of solar road stud lights embodies the concept of modern architecture everywhere, beautifies the environment and protects the environment. Solar road stud lights are high-tech and environmentally friendly products with beautiful appearance in the 21st century. The promotion of road stud light is of great significance for beautifying the local environment.

2. Solar road studs do not consume electricity. Since traditional street lights require buried cables for power supply, substations are also required. The construction cost of the street lamp power supply line is very high, and the power consumption of the line is also very large. Solar road stud lights do not require transmission lines and do not consume electricity from the grid.

The one-time investment of solar road studs is roughly comparable to that of traditional street lights. Solar road stud lights use a steady stream of solar energy to provide stable and reliable lighting. Therefore, solar road studs have obvious economic benefits.

3. Solar power generation: Solar road stud lights use solar power to generate electricity. A solar road stud power generation system uses solar cells (which convert alternating current to direct current) to store the generated electrical energy in a battery pack. When the road stud light needs electricity, the inverter converts the DC power stored in the battery pack into alternating current, and sends it to the solar road stud through the transmission line.


Due to technical limitations, the conversion efficiency of traditional solar road studs into electrical energy cannot reach the expected value, only less than 20%. And the use of solar road stud lights can be affected by certain weather changes. Like rainy days in the south, road stud lights may not be fully charged. At night, the solar road studs are either dimly lit or cannot be opened at all, which brings great inconvenience to people's travel. But NOKIN's new solar road studs use high-quality solar panels and large-capacity batteries, which can work for dozens of hours in a short time. At the same time, solar road stud lights with complementary wind and solar energy came into being. The combination of wind energy and solar energy effectively makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary solar road studs.