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Solar road stud lights can be used as mountain lighting solutions

Solar road stud lights generate electricity through solar panels and solar cells. Therefore, solar road studs can be adapted not only to urban areas, but also to rural and mountainous areas.

Drivers, especially as they get older, perceive night driving as problematic and feel unsafe. Ultimately, this can lead to self-regulation and avoidance, with potentially negative health effects. This problem can often be mitigated by providing street lighting, but with it comes cost, environmental impact and other negative effects.

solar stud solution

Research suggests that the provision of solar road stud lights solutions may be helpful to nighttime drivers. However, it is unclear how the implementation of this measure affects driver confidence, as research to date has focused on observational studies of actual driving behavior. The current work addresses this knowledge gap Using data from 698 respondents, a questionnaire was administered to households in the vicinity of the most recently treated route. Overall, 72% reported increased confidence in driving at night, primarily due to increased preview time and reduced glare. A total of 80% of respondents felt that the overall safety of the study routes had improved. This study is the first to show that the use of solar road stud lights can increase driver confidence and provide more opportunities for travel, especially in situations where street lighting is impractical or undesirable in terms of sustainability.


Solar road stud lights use leading-edge solar panels. Solar road studs can be activated where there is sunlight and can generate electricity after a few hours of sunlight. Thanks to the solar road studs' sophisticated design and overcharge protection technology, there is no damage to the battery from a full charge. The overall structure of the solar road studs can withstand hurricane winds up to category 12.

Solar road stud lights have good sand and dust resistance. Dust can not enter the solar road studs or damage the components of solar studs. At the same time,  road stud lights are easy to transport, install and maintain. This makes the service life of solar road studs further extended.


Due to the extensive use of composite materials, road stud lights have strong climate adaptability. Solar road studs can work normally at minus 40℃ and above zero 50℃. As long as there is solar energy, solar road stud lights can be used in mountainous areas, plains, deserts and islands.

Solar road stud light system has a long service life, with a 2-year warranty. The service life of solar road stud in normal climate (non-extreme climate) can be more than 8 years.