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Do Not Do These Things When Install Solar Road Studs

Although the solar road stud looks very small and the device is very simple, the installation of the solar road stud needs professional guidance. In the installation of road studs, we must pay attention to the following mistakes.


First, the method of holding solar road studs is not scientific. There are reflectors on both sides of the solar road stud to reflect the front light of the car, which is the light source of the reflectors. When holding the solar road studs, be sure to hold the two sides without reflectors, so as to avoid glue or fingerprints sticking on the reflectors, which will affect the reflective brightness of the reflectors. The reflector may be stained with dust or oil after a period of use, so make sure the reflector is clean.


Second, the amount of glue used to install the road stud is insufficient or excessive. If the dosage is not enough, it will reduce the bond strength of the solar road stud and reduce its service life; if the dosage is too much, the excess glue will seep out from around the solar road stud, and it is easy to rub onto the reflector of the solar road stud, affecting its reflective brightness.


Third, when installing the solar road stud, the glue at the bottom of the solar road stud is not evenly applied. When installing the road stud, the glue should not only be used moderately, but also be applied evenly, so as to ensure that the stress of each part of the solar road stud is uniform and avoid being crushed due to uneven stress. As we all know, the solar road studs, especially the reflectors of the solar road studs, will lose their function if they are damaged.

We must abide by these principles when installing the solar road studs, so as to ensure that the solar road studs have a long enough service life.