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Colorful LED solar-powered road studs light

Every night, the colorful signs on the streets of the city are very eye-catching. Standing in a high place, you can even see the street lights that decorate the road stretching into the distance. I don’t know when, but the edge of the road has also been installed with gadgets that shine in various colors at night. It is a very popular LED solar road stud light.


The original intention of the design of the road stud is to better indicate the direction of the road extension ahead to the driver and passengers and modify the outline of the road and mark obstacles on the complex lane at night. Road stud light can be used in various road environments, and road studs of different types and materials can be installed on various occasions.

Because solar-powered road studs are not just for lighting. With the development of urban culture, more and more solar road studs are used in private gardens, swimming pools, and high-end villas, on the lakeside of the park, and in the dock They can be found on the pier and in the municipal square. They emit colorful light and decorate the buildings, just like a unique light show, guarding our city every night.
There are two working modes for LED road studs. Not only can it be always on at night, but it can also flash synchronously with Bluetooth/GPS settings. The road studs in a certain area can flash at the same time. In the current popular words, solar road studs with black technology blessing In this way, the traditional road studs are compared.
There are five common colors of Solar Road Stud Light: red, yellow, blue, green, and white; different light colors also express different meanings in road safety, but if it is only used for decoration, you can customize it according to your own preferences. choose the color. The appearance of solar road studs is exquisite and small, only the size of an adult's palm. NOKIN can also customize products for you according to your needs.