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Zebra crossing with LED solar road studs light installed

Nowadays, colored zebra crossings are tried to be installed on certain road sections in some cities in China. Once these novel colored luminous zebra crossings appeared, they were immediately liked by the general public. The reason why zebra crossings glow is due to LED solar road stud light, and there are many black technologies in small road studs!


The colorful light-emitting road studs installed on the zebra crossing are only the size of a palm, and their full name is road stud light. Its power supply is monocrystalline silicon solar panels, which can flash continuously for 7 days under normal light for 8 hours, and the viewing distance is greater than 1000 meters. Not only that, but the color road stud also has a powerful chip brain, that is, the GPS global timing synchronization chip, which can realize the timing and light synchronization of all road studs, and then we have our luminous zebra crossing now.
According to reports, when the zebra crossing was first installed on some road sections, the yellow light was selected. After a period of experimentation, the installer found that the blue wavelength would be longer and more eye-catching, so they set the solar road studs to blue. , and encrypt the road studs, set the light to be synchronous, and flash 60 times per minute. The zebra crossing is lit up like a strip of lights, and citizens walking on these zebra crossings are like walking into the "Avenue of Stars". . "And these solar road studs are buried about 5 centimeters underground, which will not affect the passage of vehicles on the road. At the same time, pedestrians will not feel uncomfortable when walking on them, which is very convenient!
Some other cities have also imitated, and installed this kind of smart LED road studs at intersections where pedestrian accidents are prone to occur, busy roads around scenic spots, poor night lighting and zebra crossings without signal light control. It can not only flash and light synchronously, but also work continuously at night to illuminate the road all night.
The purpose of setting up these colored and luminous zebra crossings in the city is to remind motor vehicle drivers to yield to the zebra crossing, slow down, reduce the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians crossing the street, and help ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Luminous zebra crossings add luster to civilized traffic and make our daily travel more civilized. Facts have proved that the zebra crossing installed with Solar Road Stud Light is more eye-catching at night. Many vehicles will reduce their speed when passing these colorful luminous zebra crossings, or give way to pedestrians, or pass slowly. The safety reminder effect is more obvious, which is warm and heart-warming.