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What the different color cat's eyes reflector mean on motorways


You may never notice, but the cat's eyes reflector on the road are actually different colors -- but they're not just pretty to look at, they're more functional, and do you know what different colors mean?
cat's eyes reflector
The color of the cat's eyes on motorways has a real use - it can really help you when the light is poor or visibility is poor in fog.
Cat's eyes on motorways come in four main colors: red, green, white and amber - occasionally green/yellow.
The most common cat's eyes reflector you'll see is standard white because they mark the lanes or middle of the road. On a regular three-lane highway, you'll see two rows of white cat's eyes reflector.

Amber cat's eyes reflector appear on the other side of the road, marking the central reservation and preventing you from unconsciously changing lanes to the right. By contrast, red cat's eyes reflector indicates the left edge of the road - before hitting an obstacle or drifting over a hard shoulder.

The least common one in a typical cat's eye reflector is green, which looks like it will break the red ribbon on the inside. Green cat's eyes reflector tells you that this part of the highway can be driven when there are side roads, roadside stops, or bus stops on some A-roads.

Finally, the least common color you might see is green/yellow cat's eyes reflector, the green/yellow cat's eyes on motorways represent temporary changes in lane layout, such as during road construction.

In addition to the different colors, the cat's eyes on motorways also help provide auditory and sensory reminders to drivers not to deviate from the lane. Rumble bars are usually used side by side with cat's eyes reflector.