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Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale

Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. (Here in after referred to as Nokin Traffic ; brand: NOKIN), a national high-tech enterprise integrating Pavement Levelled Marker Stud design, R&D, production, sale and service, has always been focused on road traffic safety products and smart zebra crossing, a committing itself to provide stable and reliable comprehensive road safety solutions for customers all over the world.


Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale from Nokin traffic is very famous in the Philippines, there are mianly 4 Flush Type Pavement Levelled Marker Stud to the Philippines market. These Bi-Directional pavement levelled marke studs are developed according to the Philippine DPWH standard and meet the needs of the market. If you are in the road construction industry in the Philippines, perhaps you have heard of the NOKIN brand.

Bi-Directional Pavement Levelled Marker Stud Flush Type For Sale in NOKIN have two working modes, flashing or constant light. The flashing mode can be divided into general flashing and synchronous flashing. The difference between the two is that the latter is equipped with a control chip, which allows the pavement levelled marke studs to receive GPS or Bluetooth signals to achieve all the flush type pavement levelled marker studs are on and off at the same time, and the general flicker is a haphazard flickering of all the led road studs.


The flush type pavement levelled marker stud provides travel hazard free, dusk to dawn overnight lighting that will clearly define the sidewalk or bike lane. This premium product is at the forefront of solar technology, providing supercapacitors for power storage in place of batteries, extending the life of the pavement levelled marker stud to more than 5 years. Multiple colors and static or flashing modes are available. The light is designed in three parts, a cast aluminum base embedded in a substrate, a removable internal assembly filled with epoxy resin and a non-slip polycarbonate lens. The light is IP68 (submersible) rated for water resistance and rated at over 40 tons for road mounting.


These pavement levelled marker studs are widely used for Expressway entrances (ramps), roads with large curves, toll gates, entrance (exit) of the school entrance, community intersection, crossroad, traffic light, hotel, park, underground garage. The spacing between each solar stud depends on the lane. For example, in dangerous lanes, solar studs are closely packed compared to highways. It better catches the attention of drivers and consequently improves safety. 

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