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Ten Advantages of NOKIN Solar Road Stud

We all know that bad weather and dark roads at night can lead to traffic accidents. With the light source of the solar road stud itself and the light source reflected by its reflectors, the driver can clearly see the road. The use of solar road studs greatly reduces the incidence of traffic accidents.

NOKIN is a manufacturer of solar road studs with 20 years of production and export experience. It has a production plant of 2,500 square meters and a monthly output of 50,000 road studs. It focuses on the production and research and development of mid-to-high-end solar road studs. Today, let's take a look at the 10 advantages of NOKIN solar road studs!


1. Flush type, not easy to crush, does not affect snow removal in winter.
NOKIN has five types of flush type of solar  road studs. After being installed on the ground, they are flush with the road surface. For places where the weather is cold and often snows, the road studs will not affect the passing of the snow plow. Wheel friendly.

2. PC high-transparency cover, the raw material is made of Japanese PC material
Friends who use solar road studs may have this experience. Some solar road studs with transparent plastic shells will turn yellow after a period of use. This is because general PC materials will yellow when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. However, NOKIN road studs are made of PC materials imported from Japan, which will not turn yellow after a long time.


3. Nickel-plated aluminum ring, anti-corrosion
The steel rings of the embedded solar road studs that require steel rings are all nickel-plated surface treatment, which will not be corroded by soaking in water for a long time.

4. Load capacity over 70 tons
NOKIN has a road stud with very good compression resistance. We specially sent it for testing. Its compression resistance value can reach 70 tons.

5. Long sight distance: sight distance of more than 800 meters
NOKIN solar road studs use ultra-bright LED lamp beads. The light-emitting angle of the lamp beads fits the driving height of the driver, and its light source can be seen from 800 meters away.

6. High conversion solar panels
NOKIN solar road studs use high-conversion solar panels imported from the United States. The advantage of this solar panel is that the conversion efficiency is 22% higher than that of ordinary solar panels. The charging time is relatively short and the charging efficiency is relatively high, which avoids the situation that the solar road stud is not fully charged due to bad weather.


7. Lithium battery has long battery life
Most of NOKIN's mid-to-high-end solar road studs use lithium batteries. The service life of lithium battery solar road studs is 2-3 years longer than that of ordinary nickel-metal hydride batteries.

8. Strong waterproof ability: IP68 waterproof, resistant to rain and snow, the battery will not be damaged
Solar road studs are generally installed outdoors, so waterproofing is a particularly important feature. Once the road studs get into water, the components inside will be damaged. NOKIN solar road studs have passed IP68 and 100% waterproof certification. The sealed battery of the solar road stud compartment can withstand most environments, does not rust, and is durable for years.

9. Energy saving and environmental protection
Solar power supply, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting at night, easy installation, no wiring required.

10. Colors are green, white, red, blue, yellow, OEM/ODM accepted.
The solar road stud is also a road warning product. It is developed on the basis of traditional road studs, so the colors also follow the standard five colors. However, for some customers with special needs, you can also contact us to explain the required road studs. We can customize the color of lamp beads for you. We have customized purple and pink led road studs for customers before.