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Application Range of NOKIN Solar LED Road Stud

A solar LED road stud is an intelligent lighting device that can operate automatically. The solar road stud does not need to artificially control the charging and discharging of the product. At the same time, solar road studs can improve the utilization of solar energy.


Scope of application of solar road stud: road lighting in towns and municipal blocks, and lighting in coastal, riverside, and Lake scenic spots. Other applications of solar energy road stud: the lighting of ports, wharves, stations, airports, and large squares. 

Application scope of solar road stud in remote areas: night lighting and domestic use in islands, pastoral areas, deserts, grasslands, mountainous areas, remote rural areas, and auxiliary power use in scenic spots and rural areas. 


The application scope of solar LED road stud in the field of transportation: night lighting of railway and highway bridges.

Compared with traditional street lamps and ordinary road studs, solar LED road studs do have certain advantages. Solar road studs can not only provide a better lighting effect but also do not consume power resources.

But not all solar road studs can achieve the expected effect. Of course, it also depends on the manufacturer of solar road studs. Some small LED road stud manufacturers will still produce some pollution in the production process because they do not meet the technical requirements.


NOKIN has its own sales outlets and agents. At present, NOKIN solar road studs have been exported in batches abroad, mainly to France, India, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, the United States, Kuwait, and other countries. NOKIN will continue to provide satisfactory and thoughtful services to users from all walks of life with excellent brand quality solar road studs.