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Internally Illuminated Solar Road Stud Markers for the Philippines are in Production

In the solar road studs factory of NOKIN these days, you can see large pieces of Internally Illuminated Solar Road Stud Markers are being produced. These solar studs are to be sent to the Philippines. The most popular in the Philippines is this embedded internally illuminated solar road stud markers.

Solar Road Stud Philippines
If you are engaged in the road traffic safety industry in the Philippines, you must have heard of the NOKIN brand. NOKIN exports as many as 30,000 solar road studs to the Philippines every year. Customers who buy NOKIN solar road studs are distributed in Manila, Cebu and other cities. Customer feedback on NOKIN solar road studs is also very good.

In the Philippines, you will see internally illuminated solar road stud markers installed on many roads. If you need to buy solar road studs from NOKIN, you must look for the solar road stud X6 model of Nokin, because we found that many customers asked us the price of the solar stud X5 model during the sales process, but the X5 model solar road stud is not available in the Philippines. It is not very popular. The X6 model is really popular, and customers often confuse it because both of them are embedded.

Internally Illuminated Solar Road Stud Markers

The internally illuminated solar road stud markers X6 has 6 LED lamp beads. NOKIN can provide nickel-hydrogen battery and lithium battery. According to road safety, the LED lamp beads of NOKIN solar road stud have a certain angle and face the driver. The angle of the lamp bead on the side facing the driver, unlike some cheap solar road studs, in order to save labor and shorten the production time during the production process, the direction of their led lamp bead is directed upwards,which is actually not a big warning to the driver.


This batch of solar road studs from NOKIN Philippine customers have already reached the stage of glue filling. When the glue is dry, those  internally illuminated solar road stud markers can be screwed and packed. NOKIN is a professional manufacturer of solar road studs, with a monthly output of 50,000. There are automatic glue filling and packing machines, modern factory equipment, which can meet the various needs of customers OEM/ODM.