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Application of Embedded Solar Road Studs

Solar road stud light is a new type of solar product, mainly sold as a traffic safety product, but its application range is not limited to this, especially the embedded solar road stud light, it can also play a decorative role, in parks or Some municipal squares are very common. It not only provides basic lighting, but also plays a role in decorating the environment, and has various colors and artistic lighting effects.


Embedded solar road stud are used as decorative lighting, and are widely used in some squares, restaurants, and courtyards of some high-end buildings. Its low energy consumption, long life, and no need to embed wires have become the first choice for outdoor buildings. Most of the shells of embedded solar road stud products are made of cast aluminum, which is durable, waterproof, and dustproof, and has excellent heat dissipation capacity. The lamp cover is made of plastic imported from Korea, which is corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant, and the plastic lamp cover is not easy to turn yellow. IP68 waterproof grade, the load capacity can reach more than 20 tons, the internal LED lamp beads have a high luminous rate and high brightness, and the color of the lamp beads can be customized according to needs.
For the embedded solar road stud lights, we use die-cast aluminum as the shell, and another reason is because of its waterproof performance. As a decorative lamp, the embedded solar road stud lights are likely to be directly buried in the soil, and landscaping is also indispensable for watering, so the waterproof performance of the road studs is particularly important. Therefore, you must not choose sand-cast aluminum as the solar road stud lamp for the shell, because when the lamp shell of this material is buried in the soil for a long time, water will slowly infiltrate under the action of cold and heat reverse suction osmosis. If things go on like this, the spikes will soon break down.
Road studs can be used in swimming pools, fountains, swimming pools, pedestrian streets, theaters, parking lots, green belts, squares, sculptures, gardens, parks, and tourist attractions, not only can illuminate the environment, but also beautify the environment and add luster to life. High-power ultra-high brightness LED is used as the light source, and high thermal conductivity aluminum is used as the main body of heat dissipation, which solves the heat dissipation problem of LED. Then, according to the specific angle at which the LED lamp beads are installed, the light is evenly irradiated within a certain range to ensure the highest utilization rate of light; at the same time, the lamp cover has the function of dustproof and waterproof and has a longer service life.
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