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6 Safety Locks Solar Road Stud Flush Type Philippines

NOKIN traffic offers a variety of solar road studs. These solar road stud lights are important for safety and visibility on all types of roads in all weather conditions. These solar road studs are designed and constructed to withstand the harshest conditions and are available in a variety of configurations. NOKIN is a road stud manufacturer with independent research and development capabilities. At the beginning of 2022, after the Philippine government revised the standards for solar road studs, NOKIN immediately adjusted its products according to market demand, and launched two 6 safety lock solar road stud flush type targeting the Philippine market.


These two model solar road studs with 6 screws are available in two sizes, one is 150mm in diameter, the other is 143mm in diameter, both use F8 super bright lamp beads, durable aluminum alloy base, sturdy PC shell, The waterproof level is IP68, and there are several waterproof processes in it. At the top of the screw, a waterproof pad will be added to make the details perfect. Absolutely meets the standards of the Philippine DPWH.

In Mindanao, Davao, Manila, Cebu and other cities in the Philippines you will see Bi-Directional solar road studs installed on many roads. Reportedly, nighttime accidents on roads with solar road studs have been reduced by more than 70%. High-tech solar road studs will easily replace or complement and work with currently installed reflectors to provide greater visibility and overall safety on the road at night. Following this green approach to using the sun and solar energy is an amazing solution.

Bi-Directional-Solar-Road Stud

The Bi-Directional solar road studs flush type open and close automatically - at dusk, the units open, during the day they close...these Bi-Directional solar road studs flush type are designed to handle enormous weight stress and extreme heat and cold conditions. The solar road studs flush typeis easy to install and does not require any maintenance or electrical installation. These units operate at very low voltages and are hermetically sealed, making them safe for the public and installers. Compared with street lights, solar road studs flush type is easy to install and has very good economic benefits.


NOKIN has more than 20 years of experience in the production and export of solar road studs. There are also many NOKIN partners in the Philippines. If you have a demand for Bi-Directional solar road studs flush type, please contact NOKIN immediately, we will give you feedback in the shortest time, and provide The most cost-effective solar road studs, this has always been NOKIN's purpose, we are a solar road stud factory, not a trader, let NOKIN's solar road studs help you expand your business!