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360 Degree Luminous LED Solar Road Stud Light

LED Solar Road Stud Light is a new type of solar photoelectric high-tech product. It has the advantages of being green, safe, beautiful, and has a long service life. During the daytime, when the sun shines on the surface of the solar road stud light, the solar cells in the light produce electricity and charge the energy storage components. At night, the solar nail light will automatically start and light up the light source, with high lighting intensity. Solar road stud lights are widely used on highways, municipal roads, car parks, parks, and other places. To meet the various needs of customers, there are more and more types of solar road spike lights, 360 degrees of light this plastic solar road stud is also very useful.


Product construction: The road stud light shell is made of imported Japanese plastic, the bottom is glued, the top is fitted with a solar panel, the interior is fitted with rechargeable NiMH batteries, a driver circuit board, and high brightness LED light emitting diodes, the paste type has locking holes on both sides for fixing during installation. This is one of the most beautiful products in our road stud range.
Product installation: When installing these solar road studs on suitable roads, the road should be closed in advance for management, clean up the road surface where the solar-powered road studs need to be installed, determine and mark the distance between the solar road studs, then apply epoxy resin to the bottom of the solar road studs and place them on a clean road surface, remove the excess epoxy resin after installation. The road will be open for 4 hours after the installation is complete.
This LED road studs is very easy to install, no wiring is required and the failure rate is low; the LED light is concentrated and not diffused, causing no trouble to drivers and passers-by, reducing traffic accidents and with low power consumption and a long life span, maintenance work can be significantly reduced. It is waterproof up to IP68 and has a pressure resistance of over 20 tons. There are two working modes: constant light and flashing, and five display colors: red, yellow, white, blue, and green.
Shenzhen NOKIN traffic facilities Co., Ltd is an innovative technology company for overseas personnel. It is a professional organization specializing in the technical development of road stud lights and LED traffic products. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating product development, production, and sales. The company's main products involve solar-powered traffic signal lights, tunnel-induced photoelectric products, solar-powered road stud lights, and solar-powered LED full sets of road signs indication. If you are interested in solar road stud lights or need them, you can keep in touch with us!