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Two-way synchronous flashing LED solar road stud light

Compared with traditional road studs, the most notable feature of solar road stud lights is that they can provide more conspicuous road guidance for drivers and passengers by emitting light, and reducing traffic accidents caused by unclear vision at night and in bad weather. Because of the flashing characteristics of solar road stud lights, it is also an effective means to beautify the city. At night, it adorns our city like a string of night pearls, adding infinite brilliance!


The synchronous flash working mode of the solar road stud light also reduces power consumption to a certain extent. Compared with the solar road stud light working in the constant light mode at night, the working time can be extended for three days under the premise of a full charge in the flash mode. Above, and it will not bring the blurred vision to the driver and passengers. Since our solar road stud lights are wireless, the flashing function of the synchronous road stud lights first needs to set up a wireless transmitter and install a receiver on the road stud lights to control the synchronous flashing of the solar road stud lights in a certain area. , which belongs to the closed-loop control mode。
On some high-speed roads, the road stud light controlled in the above closed-loop mode may not be able to meet the long-distance flash synchronization, so the latest solar road studs, we use the short-cycle embedded control technology, which is currently the most effective The synchronization method of the solar road stud light realizes the high-precision work of the separation and installation of the solar road stud, and the synchronization error within 24 hours is less than 10 milliseconds. It is worth mentioning that it has no requirements for the installation distance and can realize long-distance installation. Requirements for synchronous flashing of solar road stud lights.
With the continuous injection of high technology, LED solar road stud light have more and more functions. Whether they are batches of road studs flashing synchronously or always on, they are more convenient than traditional road studs to a greater extent. the traffic accident occurred. The synchronous flashing working method of solar road stud lights is usually used as curbs, traffic green belts, obstacle indications, deceleration signs, etc. In rainy and foggy weather, it is also an important means of traffic guidance.
Of course, the emerging technology uses satellite timing and synchronous control of solar power to make the spikes work synchronously. Background of the Invention LED road studs are mainly used in highway markings, cliff road markings, and other dangerous road sections where traffic accidents occur frequently, as a strengthening indicator of road direction at night, and in recent years in the fields of urban road beautification at night, but this technology The operating cost is relatively high.