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2023 Popular 360° Plastic Solar Road Stud

The 360° solar road stud is a plastic solar road stud that is very popular this year. Because the product is green and environmentally friendly, it is a new high-tech product, and it is easy to install and does not require complicated wiring. The 10 LED lights distributed around the interior are concentrated. Diffusion, low power consumption, long life, and other features, are deeply loved by customers worldwide!


Product structure:
This road studs is semicircular, using imported transparent plastic as the shell, and the bottom is injected with glue to achieve the sealing effect. The battery board, circuit board, lamp beads, and other parts are all embedded inside, and the glue injection seal can ensure the internal structure of the product. Stable, waterproof, and dustproof to the outside, reaching IP68 level. Using monocrystalline silicon solar panels, the photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach up to 24%; imported LED light-emitting diodes have high brightness and concentrated light beams; nickel-metal hydride batteries are used for energy storage, and photoresistors control them to emit light normally at night.
feature of the product:
Due to the plastic material of this solar road stud, it is very delicate, light, and very beautiful. Because it is only 23mm in height, we only need to clean the installation location during installation, attach it to the ground with specific glue, and stick the two together. The installation is very convenient. The viewing distance can reach more than 800 meters. In addition, the LED light does not consume power and the color of the light can be freely selected, so under normal circumstances, it can work continuously for more than 72 hours after being exposed to the sun for eight hours at a time. Its working mode also has two modes of constant light and flashing.
Product Usage:
Under normal circumstances, solar road stud lights are used as road warning lights to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents; because of their round and beautiful appearance, many municipal facilities are often used as decorative lights; in some deep-sea breeding places, fishermen also often Use it as a marker light; gardens, parks, etc. can also be used.
Solar road stud light is a high-tech product of solar photo electricity. It has the advantages of green environmental protection, safety, and beauty. During the day, when sunlight hits the lamp's surface, the solar cell inside the lamp generates electricity and charges the energy storage element. At night, under the action of the photoresistor, the light source is turned on to emit light.