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Widely used ultra-thin solar road studs in South Korea

The scope of application of solar road studs in the world has become more and more extensive. With the increasing emphasis on traffic safety, the role played by solar road stud locks is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, it can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and on the other hand, it can also beautify municipal projects, which serve multiple purposes. Moreover, there are various styles of solar road studs, which are suitable for various road scales and climate environments.


The picture above is the effect picture of our Korean customer installing the solar road stud lights on the road after receiving it. It can reduce road traffic accidents, and use lights to clearly convey information to drivers in specific directions, thereby improving road traffic flow and improve road safety. This product is an ultra-thin plastic solar road stud that is very popular this year. The surface of the road stud has a frosted process, which can increase resistance, and will not slip when vehicles run over it in rainy and snowy weather.
The installation method of plastic solar road studs is very simple, as long as the road surface to be installed is cleaned, and the road studs and the road surface are bonded together with a specific glue. It is worth noting that: on the road where the road studs are installed, It takes 4-8 hours for the vehicle to pass through, so as to ensure that the spikes and the road surface are fully adhered together. If a vehicle passes by without the glue being fixed, the road stud will be damaged to a certain extent, and the second installation will be very troublesome.
The advantage of the ultra-thin solar road stud is that it is really only about one centimeter thick, even if it is installed on the sidewalk, it will not trip pedestrians, and the color of the LED light can also be freely selected, and there are 10 LED lamp beads to emit light, very bright. With sufficient light for 6-8 hours under the sun, it can work for about 72 hours.
Road studs are very safe and reliable, work stably, and there is no danger. If you are interested in our products or have needs, you can log on to our website https://www.nk-roadstud.com/ to check your product needs, or you can send an email to Victor Qin: info@nk-roadstud. com to learn more, we look forward to cooperating with you.