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Solar Road Stud Marker Used As Solar Dock Lights In United States

Project location: United States
Product model: Solar Dock Light NK-RS-Q7
Installation time: 2018

solar dock lightsSolar road studs are known to us because it is a traffic safety product. It has been proven that smart, safe and sustainable solar road studs marker can improve road safety at night. Within the driver's natural line of sight, and in addition to the vehicle's headlight beam, it can also provide a view of the road layout ahead.

Different from the previous years, the shape of solar road studs is also varied to adapt to different application scenarios. Some solar road marker will be installed in the center of the road, some will be installed in the roundabout, and some will be installed in the park , some are installed in villa decoration.

The case you will see is that one of our America customer installed the solar road stud marker as solar dock lights on the dock. Solar road stud does not require the installation of expensive cables. It only needs to be glued in the required position. No maintenance is required. These solar road studs marker will charged by the sun naturally, once it gets dark, the LED light in the solar stud will automatically light up every night for up to 10 hours. This solar dock light is also very suitable for the dock of the playground.

Solar road stud marker used as solar dock lights is widely used in the European Union, the United States and other countries. Solar road stud marker not only features the safe property but also with beautiful appearance. At night, it looks like a necklace to dress up a city and a road. If you like it, contact us at info@nk-roadstud.com now!