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How To Choose Right Solar LED Road Marker


solar road studs on road Solar led road marker are already very common in our lives. The development of the solar road marker / led road marker series meets the various requirements of bicycle lanes, campuses and other areas that are critical to safety and enhanced navigation. But many customers are worried that they can't find good products. To choose the solar led road marker correctly, first of all, you need to know which are the inferior products.

The problems with some bad solar led road marker you may have seen on the market before may be:

1. Thickness is too high: 30MM, unable to resist wheel compression at all.
2. Empty insdie. It is easy to break and let the humid atmosphere enter. The electronic device then fails accordingly.
3. Design flaws, the structure of solar road marker itself has several parts, but it is assembled with screws! When installed on the ground, the epoxy resin adhesive only fixes the bottom of the screw link. When the wheel is crushed, the upper part is easy to fall off the ground.


Several suggestions for these situations:

1. All raised solar led road marker are not applicable to the road centerline.
2. It is better to use plastic metrial. If you use aluminum solar road marker,  used in areas without traffic congestion, otherwise it will damage the road surface.
3. The inside of the solar road mark cannot be empty (the inside must be firm).

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Remember: Junk products will not only damage your business, but also your lifetime reputation.