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thermoplastic road marking machine for sale
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NK-HM2 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Hand-push thermoplastic road marking machines
Tank capacity (kg): 100
Glass bead box capacity (Kg): 10
Marking line width(mm): Standard 150  (optional 50, 100,150, 200, 250, 300 ,400,450)
Heating Method: Liquefied petroleum gas
The advanced hand-push thermoplastic road marking machine is the key equipment for the construction of hot-melt marking line. Thermoplastic road marking machine is used in conjunction with the hot-melting kettle to complete the marking line construction. Thermoplastic road marking machine has the advantages of low investment, light weight, easy shipping, easy operation and easy maintenance. The thermoplastic road marking machine adopts specially manufactured high-precision cast iron scribing bucket to ensure that the marked lines are flush, the first and last ends are uniform, the thickness is uniform, and the line shape is beautiful. The adjustable glass microbead spreader is equipped with a speed shifting device, which can adjust the width of the spread. The rear wheel is provided with a positioner to ensure walking along a straight line during work. NOKIN thermoplastic road marking machineis suitable for highways,municipal roads, vllage or town roads, virtual and solid lines,guiding arrows, text, parking lot parking line, factory marking line engineering, etc.

NK-HM2 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

-- Arranged and durable hard tungsten alloy bottom knife, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, non-sticky, anti-deformation, easy to adjust; toothed-type knife bottom structure, tightly closed without leakage; flat line thickness and uniformity Straight, the head is neat.

--High-strength plate welding or aluminum die-casting material bin, high temperature resistance, deformation resistance, strong heat conduction and high heat preservation, ensuring consistent paint temperature in the hopper and solid connection with the bottom knife.

--Special wear-resistant heat-resistant wheel and punching rim, high temperature resistance, anti-wear, no deformation, no degumming, long service life and light walking.

--The variable-quantity glass bead spreading system is driven synchronously with the paint coating system, and the glass beads are spread more evenly.

-- The rear wheel can be locked, and the equipment walks more smoothly;

-- The whole machine electrophoretic coating or electroplating treatment, excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance;

--By changing the hoppers of different sizes, it can meet the needs of marking construction of various conventional marking widths.

Specification :
Tank capacity (kg) 100KG, Double stainess steel heating insulation barrels,plug-in manually mixer devices, removable devices
Glass bead box capacity (kg) 10kg/box
Adjust Glass Beads Dispenser Synchronous clutch transmission with speed control shifting device, adjustable width 50-200mm
Heating method Liquefied petroleum gas
Marking line width (mm) Standard 150 
 (optional 50, 100,150, 200, 250, 300 ,400,450)
Marking line thickness (mm) 1-2.5 (adjustable)
Knife Underframe Carbide, with eccentric sleeve device can adjust the 1-2.5mm
Tire Alloy wheel, a special heat-resistant rubber
Rear Wheel
Directional Device
Ensure the machine moving in straight line or turning freely in curved road
Heating temperature 180-210℃
Dimensions (mm) 1200X900X950
Weight (kg) 100

What preparations should be made before operating the thermoplastic road marking machines?

1. Clean the debris from the road to make it clean and meet the construction requirements.
2. Apply some lubricant to the bucket and clutch to ensure the switch is flexible.
3. Remove debris from the thermos and filter, and check every rotating part and screw.
4. Check the LPG tank, stove and pipe for gas leakage.
5. Adjust the knife base frame to keep the marking thickness between 1.5-2.5mm.
6. Prepare dry glass beads to ensure even sprinkling of water and check if the clutch gear is properly engaged.
7. Operators should wear protective equipment to prevent burns.

How to operate the thermoplastic road marking machines?

1. Pour the dried glass beads into the glass bead box.
2. Open the valve of the liquefied gas tank, light and heat the thermoplastic paint can with a torch.
3. Connect the discharge port between the marking machine and the thermoplastic paint can with a filter and the road marking paint machine starts to receive paint from the paint can.
4. Push the road marking paint machine to the correct position, lower the ruler and align the center of the baseline.
5. When the temperature of the thermoplastic paint can reaches 180°C, open the door to allow the marking paint to enter the paint pail and close the door when the paint in the pail is 25mm from the pail surface.
6. Take the handle of the labeler and open the gate of the bottom frame to make the road striping machine work in the correct working direction.
7. Lift the two handles of the applicator and hang them back to stop the work.
8. Add marking paint and continue working.
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