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road marking machine for sale
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NK-CM2 Road Painting Machine

Hand-push road paint marking machines, with 6.5 HP Zhongshen gasoline engine, Powerful and long life service.
Power: 6.5 HP Zhongshen gasoline engine
Flow Rate: 3.8L/M
Worepressure: 8-16Mpa
Width of spray: 80--25 mm
There are two types of road marking machines: cold spray type and thermoplastic type. The cold spray road painting machine is easy to operate, fast in construction, and can be constructed continuously and quickly, and is more and more favored by users. The most commonly used is the cold spray hand-push road marking machine, which can be used in general small and medium-sized highway projects, and used in the marking construction of small projects in the factory area or basement.

The main feature of the cold spray road line marking machine is that it adopts a special high-tech pumping system, and its technology is incomparable with others. The device is particularly lightweight,

The steering is flexible, the marking is easy, the pressure is stable, the edge is flat, the thickness is uniform, the operation is simple, and the failure rate is almost zero.


Main purpose: NOKIN hand-push type high-pressure road marking paint machine is a special equipment for normal temperature marking construction. Cold spray road marking paint machine is mainly suitable for roads, parking lots, airports, gas stations, company factories, etc., as well as painting straight lines, dotted lines, curves, zebra crossings, text, arrows, graphic signs, etc.

NK-CM2 Road Painting Machine

--Brand engine, strong power, stable work.

--Tires of road marking paint machine provide straighter lines when striping on both smooth and uneven surfaces.

--Road striping machine with hand-held spray: In addition to allowing you to freely use the template to paint various symbols, using the hand-held spray can also work on walls, columns and other places other than the ground.

--Color changes and cleanup are very simple.

-- Curve work. Some road paint marking machines also install an extra wheel at the rear, which allows you to work freely along the curved markings.

Specification :
Power: 6.5HP Zhongshen gasoline engine
Max. marking speed: 130m/min
Work-pressure: 8-16Mpa
Flow of Spray: 3.8L/M
Support nozzie: 1708  517
Equipped with sprinkler: 1708  517
Width of Spray: 80-250mm
Thickness of Spray: 0.2-0.4mm
Boundray dimension: 1120*790*950mm
Dimension: 1140*810*970mm
Weight: 70kg

Operation method of cold spray road line marking machine:

1. Add oil and gasoline before starting the engine (half of the oil dipstick can be added)
2. Adjust the nozzle to the height required for marking before starting the machine.
3. Turn the engine switch to the ON indication, and start the engine by hand.
4. When a bucket of water is filled, first test the machine to test the pressure, put the pipe in the bucket, open the red valve, wait for the gas in the thick pipe to be completely drained, close the red exhaust, and wait for the pressure to increase (check the pressure gauge indication).
5. After about 3-5 minutes, when the pressure on the pressure gauge reaches 200, press the discharge valve twice with the right hand to reduce the pressure, or manually adjust the pressure reducing valve, and then adjust the pressure to 120 and work normally.
6. Mix and stir evenly with water-based scribing paint + thinner when scribing normally.
7. After the work is completed, first stop the machine to relieve pressure, replace with thinner or water, and repeat the previous steps to rinse the machine until it is clean.
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