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Traffic Warning Post
Traffic Warning Post
Traffic Warning Post
Traffic Warning Post
Traffic Warning Post

Traffic Warning Post

Traffic Warning Posts provide effective road safety guidance, ensuring clear signaling for drivers and pedestrians.
Material: PU
Size 750*8mm
Weight 0.85kg/1.3kg
Application Driveway
NOKIN TRAFFIC takes pride in introducing its cutting-edge traffic warning post-products designed to enhance road safety. From durable materials to high-visibility designs, our products ensure clear and effective traffic guidance, contributing to safer roads for all. Explore the innovation that defines NOKIN TRAFFIC's commitment to excellence in road safety solutions.
traffic warning post
NOKIN TRAFFIC's Traffic Warning Posts embody innovation, durability, and a steadfast commitment to fostering safer roadways. Explore the precision-engineered solutions that define our dedication to advancing global road safety standards. our commitment to advancing road safety is epitomized in our state-of-the-art Traffic Warning Post products. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these posts stand as vigilant sentinels on the roadways, providing a multitude of advantages for both drivers and pedestrians.

Traffic Warning Post
Characteristic :
  1. Enhanced Visibility: Traffic warning posts improve visibility, especially in low-light conditions, fog, or adverse weather, reducing the risk of accidents.

  2. Clear Signaling: They provide clear and conspicuous signaling to drivers and pedestrians, ensuring better understanding of road conditions.

  3. Defined Traffic Flow: Warning posts assist in guiding traffic and defining lanes, contributing to a more organized and efficient flow on roads.

  4. Reduced Speeding: Strategically placed warning posts act as visual cues, encouraging drivers to adhere to speed limits and promoting safer driving behavior.

  5. Improved Road Safety: By alerting drivers to potential hazards, traffic warning posts contribute to overall road safety, reducing the likelihood of collisions.

  6. Prevention of Accidents: Properly placed warning posts help prevent accidents by forewarning drivers about changes in the road environment or upcoming hazards.

Specification :
Material:                                      PU
Height:                                    1000mm
Base Weight:                                            200mm
Weight:                                     1.5kg
Name:                                                        Flexible Warning Posts                                            
Application:                                                  Road Facilities
Feature:                                                 Anti-theft
Usage: Outdoor Security
Packing: Woven Bag
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