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Wired LED Road Cat Eyes installation in Saudi Arabia

Rroject location:Saudi Arabia
Products:Wired NK-RS-A6-1
Installation time:2016

LED Road Cat Eyes,also well known as solar road studs,is one of the road traffic safety products, which is used to mark the edge and center line of the road. It is installed on the road and flashes to warn the drivers.
LED Road Cat Eyes can be use in high traffic areas,airports,walking paths,transit stations,highways,parks,campuses and other public places.One of our clients in Saudi Arabia client applied the wired Road Cat Eyes to the motorways.Road Cat Eyes installation in motorways can remind drivers to avoidance in advance.
                      LED Road Cat Eyes applicationLED Road Cat Eyes application
The difference between the wired road cat eyes and the LED road cat eyes is that the wired road cat eyes has no solar panel and is supplied by the electric wire. There is no need to worry about the dissatisfied charging when the weather is bad, but the installation of it is more troublesome and needs to be wired under the ground.

Road Cat Eyes installationRoad Cat Eyes

LED road cat eyes is mainly used in the following scenes on the expressway: 
1> Highway entrance and exit (ramp) 
2> Large bend section 
3> Tunnel entrance and exit 
4> Toll station entrance and exit 
5> Temporary road guidance