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Roller Barrier
Roller Barrier
Roller Barrier
Roller Barrier
Roller Barrier

Roller Barrier

A dynamic road safety innovation designed to absorb impact, enhance visibility, and provide versatile protection.
Material: PU
Size 750*8mm
Weight 0.85kg/1.3kg
Application Driveway
NOKIN TRAFFIC is not just a provider of road safety solutions; we are architects of safer journeys, architects of a safer world. Join us in our mission to redefine road safety globally with innovation, customization, and a commitment to a sustainable future. Beyond products, NOKIN TRAFFIC actively advocates for road safety awareness, engaging in initiatives and campaigns that promote responsible driving and safer road usage.


NOKIN TRAFFIC's roller guardrail is more than just a product; This is a paradigm shift in road safety. Experience the future of protective road guardrails with our innovative, carefully engineered roller guardrail solutions. In a bid to redefine road safety, NOKIN TRAFFIC has launched its cutting-edge roller guardrail products that are engineered to change the dynamics of roadside protection. 

Roller Barrier
Characteristic :
  1. Dynamic Impact Absorption: NOKIN TRAFFIC's Roller Barrier is engineered with dynamic impact absorption capabilities, minimizing the severity of collisions and reducing damage to vehicles and infrastructure.

  2. Rotational Design: The innovative rotational design of the Roller Barrier ensures that the impact force is dissipated through rotation, offering enhanced protection and preventing vehicles from veering off dangerously.

  3. Versatile Applications: From highways to urban roads and work zones, the Roller Barrier adapts seamlessly to various environments, providing a versatile solution for enhanced road safety.

  4. Highly Visible: Prominent colors and reflective elements make the Roller Barrier highly visible, even in low-light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility for drivers day and night.

Specification :
Place of Origin :                                     Guangdong, China
Brand Name:                                             NOKIN
Product name:                                                   Road Roller Barrier
Material:                                   Galvanized steel+EVA Buckets
Color:                                                     Yellow/Orange/Red/Blue
Surface treatment:                                     Hot Dipped Galvanized
Application:                                     Roadway Safety
Reflective tape:                                   Domestic film EGP
Features:                                           Anti-corrosion; Easily installation
Port:                                    All port in China
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