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You Need One Aluminum LED Solar Road Stud A6-1

LED Solar road studs help to transform and upgrade urban road safety. In recent years, with the promotion and popularity of smart cities, China's urban lighting needs have been rapidly upgraded, including the upgrade of urban lighting facilities, the rise of lighting culture and tourism economy, and the construction of special towns. Urban lighting industry has ushered in a new huge economic growth space. As one of the important components of urban lighting, the industrial development of led solar road studs has been rapidly promoted.


LED solar road studs are a modern road safety product. After years of efforts, NOKIN has been developing in the field of solar road studs. NOKIN has entered the list of high-end solar road studs manufacturers in China. NOKIN's main products include road solar road studs, garden solar road studs, solar warning lights, decorative led road studs, plastic shell solar road studs, aluminum solar road studs, etc.

LED solar road studs are an assembled product, mainly divided into the following parts: solar panels, solar cells, controllers and LED lights. The price of solar road studs is composed of the unit price of these parts, so the price of led road studs has a lot to do with the choice of solar road stud accessories. NOKIN can provide you with customized service, you can get your exclusive LED solar road studs products.


Here, let's take a look at Nokin's hot selling solar road stud product - Aluminum Solar Road Stud NK-RS-A6-1. Solar Road Stud NK-RS-A6-1 is a raised aluminum solar road stud that can be used on the edge of the road. The picture shows the actual application of LED road stud A6-1. NOKIN website has more practical application scenarios and application modes of solar road studs NK-RS-A6-1. If you are interested, you can click the link to go to the official NOKIN solar road studs homepage. Here, I would like to briefly introduce this aluminum led solar road stud NK-RS-A6-1 product to you.

led road stud light
  • Solar road stud A6-1 is rechargeable by solar panels during the day and automatically lights up when it darkens, eco-friendly and ecological solar system; each led road stud emits led light back and forward, in 2 directions with 3 bulbs on each side.
  • LED Road Studs Waterproof is perfect for outdoor use under severe environment with rainstorm, snow with IP68; static pressure resistance is up to 30t, highly protected from heavy vehicles and it can endure hotness/coldness from -4°F to 158 °F, highly resistant to temperature variety.
  • Under the sun, the battery is fully charged in 8 hours and when it's cloudy, it takes around 10 hours to fill it up and when the night falls, it lights up automatically and keep lighting in 72hours /3 days once it has stored the sun energy sufficiently.
  • Heavy duty aluminum solar road stud A6-1 is perfect for severe environment, and you can install it on any ground where they can absorb the sunlight directly without wiring. No wiring operation is needed and you can mount it on the wall, deck or path way by bolts.***Notes: Please prepare φ5mm bolts to install it.
  • LED solar road stud for safety is widely used in highways, corners, petrol stations, highway entrances and exits, country roads, parking lot, garage, road, path, for outdoor use to show the way for safety in the darkness.