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Different Solar Cat Eye Road Studs for Different Applications

In February this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council officially issued the outline of the development plan of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, clearly proposed to build a smart city cluster, marking the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area world-class city cluster and world-class smart city cluster in the Greater Bay Area is about to enter the fast track. Authoritative data shows that solar cat eye road studs play a huge role in the construction of smart cities and traffic safety accidents. In areas where solar cat eye road studs are installed, the accident rate has dropped by about 17 percent.

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With the support of the policy, China's smart solar cat eye road stud industry is developing rapidly with the development of technology. Solar cat eye road studs market scale is rapidly expanding, and many cities in China have started to adopt intelligent solar road studs technology. Many areas in China have started to transform traditional street lights. After the intelligent lighting transformation of ordinary street lights, smart solar cat eye road stud projects have blossomed throughout the country. In economically developed areas of China, not only are there a large number of solar road stud pilot demonstration projects, but large-scale smart solar road stud projects are also gradually emerging and being implemented.
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In actual use, there are different ways to use solar road studs in different application. If we want to choose the equipment of solar cat eye road studs, we can consider the purpose of use and use scenario to choose the type of solar road studs. From the current situation, what are the different types of solar cat eye road studs?

When we want to choose these solar road studs, we can make the actual selection according to the solar road studs specifications . We will find that these solar road studs can actually be chosen according to the scenario. Generally in the center of the road choose flush type solar cat eye road studs, and at the edge of the road generally choose raised solar road studs. Before choosing and installing solar road studs, we should look at the surrounding lighting environment or some practical situations.

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Therefore, an effective analysis should be carried out in conjunction with the actual results. Only then can you understand the specific range of the entire solar cat eye road stud selection. For example, in urban gardens, parks and other places, you can choose the beautiful shape but the general pressure-bearing capacity of solar road studs. And in the road, highway, tunnel and other places, you can choose a strong pressure-bearing capacity, light range far from the solar cat eye road studs.