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Why We Use Active Solar Road Markers in Tunnel?

There is no natural light in the tunnel, so it can only rely on artificial lighting, which makes it a panic for drivers to enter the tunnel. However, active solar road stud markers can optimize the lighting conditions of tunnels, reduce drivers' fear of darkness and the occurrence of traffic accidents in tunnels.
The reason why traffic accidents happen in tunnels includes that the illumination facilities are not replaced timely after being damaged; some lighting facilities are shut down to save money; The ventilation equipment in the tunnel is not turned on, the driving dust and exhaust gas seriously reduces the lighting brightness in the tunnel, and the dust and tail gas pollution adhere to the tunnel lighting equipment for a long time, resulting in the reduction of the reflective performance in the tunnel;When the tunnel brightness is not enough, the driver can not make full use of the advantages of their own car light reflection to improve the driving visibility.

solar road stud marker
First of all, the tunnel active solar road stud marker is very effective in clarifying the tunnel boundary contour and increasing the tunnel identification, which can play a warning and guiding role for drivers. Comfortable lighting can effectively alleviate visual and mental fatigue, and avoid the driver's visual distance decrease due to the great difference between internal and external light intensity.
Secondly, the tunnel active solar road stud marker combined with LED lighting can effectively improve the lighting conditions in the tunnel, reduce the lighting power consumption and improve the driving comfort. The test results show that the boundary of the tunnel is clear and the driving effect is obviously improved when active solar road stud marker are installed with only one group of lights in the tunnel.

solar road stud marker
In addition, the use of tunnel active solar road stud marker can improve the appearance of the tunnel and give the driver the feeling of entering the "time tunnel", which is a powerful measure to improve the engineering quality.