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Guidance Notes on Solar Road Stud Markers Charging

Full operational night time performance of solar road stud marker (200+ hours non-stop signal - without further exposure to daylight) will not be achieved until it has been completely charged outdoors.

solar road stud marker
At this time with ongoing outdoor exposure, the large storage capacity then enables the solar road stud marker to operate throughout each night 365 days per year. The solar road stud marker will start to charge from its first exposure to sunlight. During the summer in full direct sunlight, this can take up to 8 hours. Partial sunlight/shaded areas will extend the charging period.
For installations during winter months and in cloudy conditions the charging time of solar road stud marker will be extended. At these times, expect a slow build up to full performance as the solar road stud marker charges. During this period, full operational performance will not be achieved - but the solar road stud marker will operate satisfactorily with a shorter non-stop performance until fully charged.
Ensure solar road stud marker installation within 6 months of purchase – or keep charged outdoors until installation prolonged periods in a discharged state may damage the battery and reduce performance.

solar road stud marker
Please take this in to consideration: all solar powered products need exposure outdoors to direct sunlight to function correctly so be sure to take this into account when selecting the positioning for the product. Charging indoors on a windowsill may appear to be a good place to position the solar road stud marker but certain types of coated glass may block out most of the daylight.