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Why NOKIN Solar Road Stud Light With High Quality

The users of solar road studs usually ask several more quotations before buying the road stud lights, and then consider which products to buy, but the first thing that buyers hear is the price, and in the process of selling, we often heard some customers say that your price is too expensive. Indeed, in the huge market system, the price of the same product will vary greatly, but please remember that the price of high-quality solar road studs is often not would be too low. Let's take a look at how Nokin's solar road studs are of high quality.

We introduced the solar road stud battery or supercapacitor before. The battery or supercapacitor of a solar road stud can affect the service life of the solar road stud light. Solar road studs generally use high-capacity and high-quality batteries. The battery of the solar road stud light is important, as is the electronic circuit. The electronic circuit will affect the use of solar road stud.

solar road stud lights

Solar road stud lights are electronic products, so there are circuit boards or electronic components inside the solar road studs. The design of the circuit board of solar road stud must follow a simple and effective principle. In the solar road stud, one more line is more likely to fail. Electronic components of solar road studs should also be strictly selected. The quality of electronic components must be guaranteed. Because any component has problems, the whole solar road stud system may be paralyzed.

In addition to the batteries and circuit boards of solar road stud lights, other one part also need attention. That is the solar panel. The solar panel is placed outside the solar road stud to directly absorb solar energy and convert light energy into electric energy. The solar panel is the first link in the whole solar road stud light working system, and its working efficiency directly determines the quality of the solar road stud.

solar road stud panel

At present, for solar road stud lights, the solar cells commonly used in the industry are monocrystalline silicon panels. This is because the photoelectric conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon solar panels is high, about 14%. The monocrystalline silicon solar cell in the solar road stud can convert solar energy into electric energy to the greatest extent, so as to ensure the energy supply when the solar road stud works. NOKIN has applied solar panels with high conversion efficiency in all solar road stud products.

high quality solar road stud

In addition, the solar panel used in the solar road stud must be a high hardness, wear-resistant circuit board. If the strength is not enough, the surface of the road stud light is subject to the rolling and wear of the wheels every day, which is easy to be worn out, thereby affecting the conversion efficiency of the solar panel. Therefore, solar panels are an important guarantee to ensure the efficiency of solar road stud lights. NOKIN has applied wear-resistant solar panels in all road stud light products.