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How Can Battery Influent the Life Span of Solar Road Stud Lights

In a society with scarce resources, solar energy is a cleaner and reusable energy. Solar road stud lights using solar energy resources are an excellent choice to protect the environment and save energy. Solar road stud lights are more reflective than traditional road studs. Because the solar road stud has the characteristics of combining automatic lighting and passive reflection, the road stud lights with a super bright LED bulb can achieve the expected lighting effect.
In addition, the composition of solar road stud lights is different from traditional street lamps and ordinary reflective studs. The solar road stud light is composed of retroreflective material, shell, solar panel, led and controller. Therefore, solar road studs are visual guidance facilities with active light-emitting and passive reflective properties, which are usually used in combination with markings. This feature also makes the performance and lighting effect of solar road stud lights better than traditional road studs.

Solar road stud has long-term stability. Another important factor that determines the life span of solar road stud is the life of the battery. Therefore, the choice of battery is very important for the quality of solar road stud lights. At present, there are two kinds of batteries on the market for reference and use in solar road stud lights. When a battery is charged and discharged 500 times, the battery capacity is reduced to 50%. The other battery is charged and discharged 1000 times, and the battery capacity is reduced to 79%. It is conceivable that the second kind of battery can prolong the life and service time of solar road studs.


The battery life span of solar road stud should not only be long enough but also be able to work normally in a large temperature range. The materials inside the battery are chemicals. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will not work normally. Therefore, the working temperature range of the solar road stud battery must meet the requirements of the actual use environment. If the battery of the solar road stud cannot be used normally at the corresponding temperature, it will greatly affect the solar road stud light.
The Ministry of transport has stipulated the service temperature of solar road stud light. The requirement of the relevant standards of the Ministry of transport for this index is that the solar road stud light must work normally within the range of -10 ℃ to 50 ℃. In fact, the ambient temperature of solar road studs often exceeds this range, which requires more reliable and high-performance batteries to make solar road stud lights.