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Why do People Recognize NOKIN Solar Road Studs?

NOKIN, a professional manufacturer of solar road studs, was founded in 2008 and the factory is located in Anyang City, Henan Province, the Central Plains of China. Through cooperative research and development, production, distribution, and agency, the company provides high-quality solar road stud products for the market and customers. The team members of the company have many years of experience in the safety facilities industry From the early planning and design, the medium-term careful recommendation of appropriate solar road stud products, and the later maintenance services of solar road studs can be completed in a one-stop process. The company strives to be the most powerful service provider of solar road stud facilities.


The term road stud may have been a long time ago for people. However, in recent years, with the vigorous promotion and development of energy-saving products, solar road stud, as one of the typical representatives, is also quickly known by people. Nowadays, no matter whether walking on the busy urban roads or walking on the mountain village roads, it is likely to see a road stud with a solar panel! Yes, that's solar road stud!
solar road stud factory

The installation of solar road studs saves time and effort, and there is no need to travel long distances to lead lines or lay complicated underground cables. The installation of solar road studs only needs to explore the location, dig pits, paste solar road studs, and debug. This kind of solar road stud is safer, more convenient, and of higher quality. The life cycle of solar road studs is relatively long. Because there is no electricity, solar road studs need almost no maintenance, and the relative investment is much less, so they are more and more popular.

nokin solar road stud

In the daytime, the solar road stud will absorb light energy through sunlight under the operation of its own equipped intelligent controller, so as to convert it into electric energy. In the evening, solar road studs will play a role to illuminate people. Because of this, the price of solar road studs is not so expensive. Solar road studs provide better services for communities or streets, which are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, simple, and convenient.

Therefore, solar road studs have become the favorite of the general public, and the reasonable price is easy to accept by ordinary families. It is better to choose solar road studs than lighting fixtures. It has many benefits, and the principle is obtained after many experimental results. NOKIN adheres to the value of serving customers to produce solar road studs. NOKIN is sincere and does honest things!