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The 5 Hot Sale Solar Road Stud Lights From NOKIN

What to consider

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right solar road stud lights for your project or private space. Keeping the following points in mind, we think you'll end up with a great lighting solution.

Size and location
Think about the area or road you want to illuminate. You will be attracted by the different lights on the path, deck or road. Then, consider size. Do you want a small and subtle light, or a big, bright light?

Do you want your solar road stud lights to last for one or more seasons? Some road stud lights are not suitable for the center line of the road, which means that once installed in the center of the road, it has a high chance of damage.

Consider what kind of requirements your project has. Some suppliers of solar road studs are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the local government, so these will make it easier for you to purchase.

How we recommend
We have considered your various usage scenarios, and then among the 14 solar road stud lights NOKIN have produced, according to different usage scenarios and designs, we try to cover a wider range and select 5 best-selling solar road studs in 2022. The parameters and characteristics of these solar road stud lights are introduced in detail, so that you can better choose the appropriate solar road studs after understanding the performance of the road studs.
  1.  Flush Type Solar road stud light IL300

Key Specs:
  • Size: Dia 143*47mm/Dia 150*50mm
  • 6 safety locks
  • Loading capcacity: more than 80 tons
  • Waterproof IP68
  • 6 LEDs, two-way lights

The market of this solar road stud light is more targeted. It is mainly sold in the Philippines. The shape design is in line with the latest requirements of the Philippines DPWH for solar road studs. Flush solar road studs with 6 screws, this The biggest advantage of road stud lights is that their load-bearing capacity can reach more than 80 tons, so there is no problem in installing them on the center line of the road. They are generally used in government projects, so their cost is generally high, and they are high-quality solar road stud products. leader in. Of course, if you need a cheaper 4-screw solar road stud, please contact us for more information.
  1. Square Aluminum Solar Road Stud Light A6-1

square solar road stud
Key Specs:
  • Size: L125mm*W107mm*H26+50mm
  • Loading capcacity: more than 30 tons
  • Power supply: USA Brand High Efficient Solar Panel
  • 6 LEDs, two-way lights with reflectors

This solar road stud light is a raised solar road stud. In our previous sales experience, it is more popular in Australia and South Africa. It has a high-quality aluminum casing. The solar panel with high conversion rate imported from the United States has a conversion rate of up to 22%, and is resistant to compression. It is generally used in highways, bridges, etc. Because it is a convex type, the installation position is generally located on both sides of the road. According to different needs, this solar road stud light can be made into two types with shank and without shank.
  1. 11mm Solar Road Stud Light Q7

plastic solar road stud light
Key Specs:
  • Size: 114*90*11mm, thickness only 11mm
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Loading capcacity: 15 tons
  • PC material

In terms of functionality, this solar road stud light is specially designed for bicycle lanes, which is why its design is ultra-thin, because it is more friendly to bicycle wheels, compared to the general solar road stud with a thickness of 25mm , This solar road stud light can effectively reduce the bumpy feeling on the wheel. Compared with the previous two road stud lights, this road stud can well explain the functionality I emphasized at the beginning of the article, because it can be seen that this road stud light is not suitable for highways. It is suitable for the decoration of bicycle paths, parks, gardens, docks, deck lighting, etc.
  1. Round plastic solar road stud light K1

Key Specs:
  • Size: φ116*23mm
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Loading capcacity: 20 tons
  • PC material
  • φ5 Ultra bright LED*10, 4-way lights

If you want a subtle ground light, consider this option from nokin. This great value set of solar road stud lights can be set around the garden or on the edge of a path or driveway to provide soft lighting throughout the night.

Place these lights in a sunny location during the day and they will absorb enough light to provide up to 10 hours of illumination. These solar road stud lights are safe to use in any weather conditions and he can be installed on road edges, gardens, parks, roundabouts, campuses and other public places.
  1. Aluminum Solar Raod Stud Light D1

Key Specs:
  • Size: 104*104*20mm
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Loading capcacity: 20 tons
  • PC material
  • LED:Ultra bright diameter 5mm(4pcs or 6pcs)

This solar road stud light should be a common style in the market, if you are not very clear about the requirements, this is the best choice, because it is widely used, on both sides of the road, villa decoration, steps, docks, decks, It can be seen in farms, etc. With five different colors to choose from, if you are looking for a versatile set of lights that can be used almost anywhere outdoors, then you should consider getting this model.