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What Does the Protection Grade of Solar Road Studs Light Mean?

Solar road stud lights can meet people's energy needs and reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources. Solar road studs are a new way that many people will choose when it comes to lighting. We need to know more about road stud lights. Only with enough knowledge can you buy high-quality solar road stud lights and ensure the lighting effect of them.

So what does the IP68 protection grade of solar road studs mean?
In the protection grade of solar road studs, "I" represents the dustproof level. The numerical meaning of the protection level of solar road stud lights is as follows.
0: no protection;
1: Prevent the intrusion of large solids;
2: Prevent the intrusion of medium-sized solids;
3: Prevent small solids from entering;
4: Prevent solid objects larger than 1mm from entering;
5: Prevent the accumulation of harmful dust;
6: Completely prevent dust from entering;

"P" refers to the waterproof level in the protection level of solar road stud lights. The numerical meaning of the protection grade of solar road studs is as follows.
0: no protection;
1: Water droplets into the shell have no effect;
2: When the shell is tilted 15 degrees, water droplets entering the shell have no effect;
3: Water or rain has no effect on the shell from a 60-degree angle;
4: The liquid splashed on the shell from any direction has no harmful effect;
5: Rinse with water without any harm;
6: Can be used in the cabin environment;
7: Can withstand short-term (1m) immersion in water;
8: Immerse in water for a long time under certain pressure;


Therefore, the protection grade IP68 of the solar road stud lights means that the solar road studs are completely protected from dust, and washing with water will not cause any damage to the solar road studs.

We have installed a solar road stud light at the entrance of the factory for three years. It rained heavily in our city a few days ago. We just tested it. In water, these solar road studs still work well. These road stud lights are installed on both sides of the road, they are not pressure-resistant road studs, and cannot be installed on the center line of the road. Occasionally, vehicles will run over these road studs at the entrance of the factory area. These are inevitable.


Therefore, when buying solar road stud lights, you must follow the advice of solar road stud manufacturers. If you want to install solar road studs on the center line, you must buy pressure-resistant road studs. and install road studs with low compressive values in places where vehicles are often rolled, the service life of solar road studs will certainly not be long. NOKIN's solar road stud lights are all IP68 waterproof, you can buy with confidence.