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Solar Road Studs Light Xinwu Village

In recent years, all sectors of society are advocating the concept of ecology and environmental protection. The green and energy-saving design concept of solar road stud lights meet social requirements and environmental needs. Therefore, solar road studs have gradually entered people's vision. Maybe many people don't know much about solar road studs and their performance.

solar road stud lights

Solar road stud lights can be used not only in cities but also in rural areas and mountainous areas. In rural areas where it is not convenient to lay lines or where electricity is insufficient, road stud lights can well replace street lamps and play a lighting role. Due to the shortage of maintenance personnel in rural areas, solar road studs that do not need frequent maintenance are very suitable for installation in rural areas. Recently, such solar road studs were installed in Xinwu village, Jiangsu Province.

Some villagers reported that the lighting in some sections of Xinwu village was poor at night, and there were major safety hazards for villagers walking in this section. After receiving the appeal, the local general Party branch arrived at the scene to verify the situation and held a symposium with the party organization on the joint construction of pairs to study the ways, locations, and estimated quantities of solar road stud lights. Through active coordination, about 80000 yuan was invested to install 200 pcs solar road studs on the path of Xinwu village. The installation of solar road studs has been supported by villagers in Xinwu village.


The following is the specific content of the solar road stud light installation project: a total of 200 solar road studs have been installed in Xinwu village. All solar road stud lights and streetlights will be built in a centralized manner to coordinate with the integrated management platform of lighting infrastructure. The local government has actively and repeatedly approved the road stud lights installation plan. The on-site team cooperates with each other, and actively cooperates with local villagers and design units to smoothly ensure the completion of the solar road stud installation project. Solar road studs comprehensively improve the lighting capacity of villages and towns.


Solar road stud lights not only effectively improve the lighting management level of Xinwu village but also accelerate the beautification and cultural construction of Xinwu village. The solar road studs installed on both sides of the road are turned on at night. The bright lights not only greatly improve the safety factor of rural roads, but also warm the hearts of villagers. "Solar road studs illuminate our way home" and "road stud lights make the road more beautiful" villagers made such comments on solar road studs.