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Ultra Thin Solar LED Pavement Marker

Congratulations to NOKIN! NK-RS-Q7 ultra thin solar pavement marker has been succeeded in working in Oman. On November 1st, 2019, our Oman clients purchased 4,000 pieces NK-RS-Q7 solar road studs. As far as you know, riding on the bicycle road have already became a healthy way of life all over the world. However ,there is a problem about it. You can’t see the bicycle road clearly at night. On the other hand, the traditional LED pavement marker is too thick and above the road surface, which will make the cyclists fall down easily.

Ultra Thin Solar Pavement Marker

What’s more, the thick solar pavement marker always making cyclists feel bumpy. That’s so terrible. But don’t worried. NK-RS-Q7 is special for bicycle road, it is only 11mm thickness, which keep cyclist safety. NK-RS-Q7 ultra thin solar pavement marker have became popular all over the world. Our Oman clients stated that excellent product works perfectly for us, delivered on time. They can not only lighting the roads, but beautify the cities. 
This PC ultra thin solar pavement led marker is special for bicycle road, because it is only 11mm thickness, which keep cyclist safety. This products mainly be made with lithium battery, the warranty is 5 years. Easy installation with glue on the road, no need to dig the hole. With more than 18 years of factory experience, cat eye road stud produced by our company owns competitive price and offers more choice to global traffic road safety market and trustworthy partners all over the world.
LED Pavement Marker
If you are interested in the products, you can send e-mails to us to ask for catalogue at any time, and we will reply you in detail as soon as possible. NOKIN can also supply OEM and ODM services for customers all over the world to ensure you to select the most suitable road stud for the clients’ needs.