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Solar Powered Road Stud Cats Eyes All Over The World

What is a solar powered cat eyes? What's the use? What quality problems should solar road studs pay attention to? What kind of solar solar powered cat eyes is used in different environments? This article will fully answer your question of solar road studs, help easy to understand them.

I'm a solar road stud from NOKIN Group in China, sometimes people also call me solar powered cats eyes, and I like to travel around the world.
This is South Africa, and I love being in the sun with the animals, charging during the day and starting to glow at night, like stars, to guide the driver. The world is different, I must be good at change.

solar road stud
This is America. There are a lot of heavy trucks on the roads, and my material have to be changed. We solar road stud be made of cast aluminum so that it can support the high weight and resist the high pressure. The pressure in the middle of the road is greater than other place. I can also bury my whole body in the road, only six millimeters higher than the road surface, so that I don't have to be crushed by the car. NOKIN Group do anything to improve our resist pressure ability. Now I can resist pressure over 40 tons.

This is Saudi Arabia, where the ground temperature is above 60 degrees Celsius in the summer, and I'm not afraid because my solar cells can work below 85 degrees.
It rains a lot in India. Will it affect we solar powered cats eyes work? I'll tell you what, someone took me 30 meters to the bottom of the ocean when they were diving, and I could work just as well. So the rain in India was a small case for me.
In the snowy winter in Russia, the driver could not see the pedestrians clearly, so the russians put me on the sign to remind the driver to pay attention. I'm still working at minus 40.

Solar Powered Cats Eyes,
In northern Europe, the sun is too weak, the area of my solar version has doubled, and the charging capacity has been improved, I can still charge on rainy days.
Dutch bike lanes are lined with columns to prevent vehicles from driving in, but at night poles also run into pedestrians.We solar road studs are lighting on the ploes!

Riding on the green track is already a healthy way of life all over the world. If I'm too thick, the bumpiness of the bike will be too great, and I will become thin. Then I became ultra thin solar road stus.Without the jolt, I'm happy, and so are the cyclists.
What can we do without the sun in the tunnel? Don't worry, we solar powered cats eyes can use alternating current to make the tunnel bright.
I will travel to more places in the world. Goodbye.