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Two best-selling solar road stud lights at the end of the year

Customers who have been cooperating with NOKIN for a long time know that we are an authentic Chinese company. Although today is the middle of January 2023, for us Chinese, the Spring Festival in 2023 is less than ten years away. The time of day, January 1st of the lunar calendar is our Chinese New Year. Therefore, the company is about to have a holiday to welcome the new year!


On the eve of the holiday, the workers in our factory are still intensively producing solar road stud products, and the order volume at the end of the year is also very large. I heard that there is an urgent order, so the work started earlier today, everyone is doing their work in an orderly manner, and the quality and quantity are guaranteed to be completed, so that the quality inspection of each process in the later stage can pass, which ensures the quality and at the same time aging.
The two solar road studs NK-RS-X6 and NK-RS-Q7 are mainly produced this morning. NK-RS-X6 is an embedded solar road stud light. There are eight safety locks on the top of the road stud to fix the PC. The upper shell and aluminum base are very sturdy. Of course, each of our road stud lights has the effect of being dustproof and waterproof. The biggest difference is the difference in load-bearing capacity according to different materials.
NK-RS-Q7 LED solar road stud lights has always been our popular product, the shell is made of imported plastic, and its characteristic is ultra-thin. Although it is only the size of our palm, the flat design leaves a lot of space for the solar panel, so the power storage capacity is strong, and the light emitted by the LED lamp beads is brighter, which can significantly improve the warning effect. Of course, if it is used as a landscape light, it is also a good choice. It hardly occupies any area and will not trip pedestrians.
Following our assembly line to the end, the packaging masters are also busy and orderly packing the LED road studs products that pass the quality standard. I believe we will have a busy few days before the holiday. If you are interested in our products or have needs, you can log on to our website https://www.nk-roadstud.com/ to check your product needs, or you can send an email to Victor Qin: info@nk-roadstud. com to learn more, we look forward to cooperating with you.