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What Should Be Noted in Installing Solar Road Stud?

The main steps to be paid attention to in the installation of solar road studs include: choosing a flat and clean road surface, selecting the appropriate glue, fully stirring the glue, the size of the turning hole is appropriate, and the road is closed for more than 6 hours. Only when these conditions are met, the solar road stud can be installed correctly.

The following problems will occur during the installation of solar road studs: The drilling of solar road studs is too shallow. Drilling too fine. The hygiene of solar road studs is not strict during installation.


The drilling of the embedded solar road stud is too shallow or too deep: the drilling is too shallow, and the bottom surface of the solar road stud cannot fully contact the ground, which affects its firmness. If the hole is too deep, the solar road stud will sink below the ground, and water will accumulate in the pit. Solar road studs are not only easy to damage, but also have no warning effect, because the light of solar road studs does not illuminate the ground. Therefore, the drilling depth of solar road studs must follow the principle of road stud shank + 1cm.


When installing the solar road studs with anchors, the drilling holes are too small, and the installation of the road stud shank is difficult. Therefore, when installing solar road studs with shank, a reasonable drill bit must be selected.

The hygiene of solar road studs is not strict. When installing solar road studs, it is necessary to clean the installation ground. If the ground is not cleaned, the solar road studs will not be glued firmly and the road studs will easily fall off.


Although the installation of road studs is simple, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to. NOKIN is a Chinese supplier of solar road studs, but we do not provide service for road stud installation, of course, if you need guidance, we provide installation manuals.