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The Solar Road Stud Marker Applied in England

In Britain, solar road stud markers are everywhere. The roadside is also equipped with electronic traffic consulting equipment, which can broadcast the traffic conditions of different places or give travel suggestions for pedestrians, drivers and passengers. Passengers can check the fastest way to get to their destination on the electronic traffic advisory device.

solar road stud markers
The UK highways office said solar road stud markers will be widely used in remote areas and roads with poor lighting conditions at night. This kind of road stud marker has light intensity and visual distance ten times stronger than traditional reflection road nail. The test shows that the incidence of traffic accidents in the area where such solar road stud markers are installed is greatly reduced. 
The British government also plans to park a rescue car on the main road for a long time. If there is a vehicle failure, the rescue vehicle is responsible for towing the vehicle to avoid traffic jam. In the absence of rescue vehicles on the road, the government will set up an emergency telephone, so that drivers can contact repair companies and facilitate rescue.

solar road stud markers
In addition, the highways office will install electronic advisory instruments on major highways to provide motorists with the latest traffic information. If there is a traffic jam, the driver will leave the road according to the instructions and take other vehicles such as trains.
In the next three years, the highways department will lay sensors at the bottom of the road to detect the road surface loss. The relevant information will be sent back to the central computer system so that the bureau can take immediate repair measures.